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These are some of the Luge related sites I frequent.  Let me know if you know of any cool sites you think would help round out this list. E-Mail Dave about a link.

Home of a new (8/2006) spam free message board. Easy to use with lots of features.

The Street Luge photography of Kent Kochheiser. Pictures from Hot Heels 2000-1, Brothers in the Badlands and Red Bull S.F. 2000-1 and Barrett Jctn. are all available for preview and purchase.

Darren Lott's site dedicated to the sport of buttboarding. Quiz, movie preview and legends...A must see.

Racer Chris McBride has taken hundreds of high quality photos over the past 3-4 years and he has posted them here. Chris also maintains the Street Luge Racer Database.
Home of the IGSA (sport organizer for the X Games).

New site of Gravity Sports International. Tim's promoting the sport in the north east.

 ABEC 11
Chris Chaput's company makes Street Luge and skateboard wheels of a unique and custom design.

Roland hosts a rider driven database with athletes, roads and such.

Half Ass Expeditions.  One of the very 1st Street Luge sites on the web.  SkateLuge alternative.

Great on-line Street Luge store run by the owner and operator of GSI and Land

Buy all you need to get started.

Links to street luge sites and organizations from around the world are located on FAQ section of this site.

United Kindon Gravity Sports Association. Started in 2003, holds and/or santctions (White Air Extreme Sports Event) a couple of races a year in the UK.

Wild Fro Racing LLC - Steve Pearl's efforts to get new riders into the sport are unsurpassed on the west cost. Weekend fun rides just south of San Francisco.

Canada's only shop dedicated to Gravity Sports! Their mission is to serve Canada and the world with the most innovative, and up to date technical equipment, gear and information on Gravity Sports.

Personal web site of "Bad Boy" Tom Mason. Lots of photos and a couple of good yarns.

Luge Australia. Hosted by Pat Brennan who is looking to grow the sport in his counrty.

Site Street Luge. New England based web site from Sean C. Has a comprehensive links page and a summary of helpful hints for riders.

Tons of photos from Officer Sherm.

Florida based site contains a collection of some of the more meaty posts from the various Street Luge message boards. Beware of ads and pop-up windows.

Web site of (you guessed it) Jochen Baumann. Tons of pics (bilder) from DHX and Hot Heels 2001.

Some crazy guys from the United Kingdom. Street Luge stories and pics from across the pond.

Street Luge in the UK.  Very active group of riders from Oxford and the surrounding area.

Meet a team from Malaysia. Brought to you by Abdil Adzeem, this site tells the story of riding in a country not used to Street Luge (not like the US is real used to it!).

Hot Heels.  Information about Austrian Street Luge and the infamous race.

Former home of RAIL and an active message board. Recently sold and under construction. Collecting Street Luge Links.

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