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This page is designed to help AOL users get the best visual experience while visiting

Because most AOL users use phone lines to connect to the AOL service (Internet) and because most users are not looking at photo heavy web sites, AOL tries to speed up your experience by severely degrading the quality of graphics on web pages.

While most AOL users will never know the difference, visitors will not see the extensive photo collection as it was intended.

Making the following changes to AOL's default settings may slow your web page load times, but it will also provide you with street luge photos that look the way they were meant to look.

To improve the quality of web graphics using AOL:

1) Launch AOL
2) Click the "My AOL" icon in the menu bar.
3) Select "Preferences" from the resulting drop down menu.

4) In the preferences dialog box that apears, select the WWW icon on the left and then "UN-check" the "Use compressed images" checkbox as shown below.

As I mentioned, this may slow down web page load times but the pictures will look SO much better.

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