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1999 Anniston AL
March 6th (NSLA Race 1) | Results

The right hand turn at the bottom is the last and fastest on the course (65 mph).  It was fun cutting through the reflectors to hit the apex of the turn and then running wide to the centerline .

I can only imagine the man hours that went into these boards.  They didn't make it onto the hill that day but they sure looked cool.

Xtreme-TV was there filming a show for Fox Sports Net airing March 31st at 5:00 PM.  Tim Cayer and I did a little close up run with a cameraman hanging out the back of a pickup.  Hope it came out all right.
Click here to visit the the Xtreme Sports TV web site.

Michael let us have numerous practice runs.  I'm in front here but the race didn't turn out that way.

Beagle took 1st place, I finished second and Travis placed third.  Beagle was an extremely gracious winner.  Congratulations.

The top three finishers in each class received an engraved medal and a  plaque.  The pros received a cash prize (I didn't know about that fact and was pleasantly surprised!). 
I'd like to thank Michael Shannon for putting on and running this exciting event.

This is the view from the hotel restaurant that was only about 1/3 mile from the pits.  What a cool place to have a race.

The day after. Brandon (the shy one), Me, Scooter, Bob, Chris and Hawley all tried a 1 mile hill about 5 miles from the hotel.  Talk about convenient.  It was a bit chilly (< 40 Deg).

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