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Hot Heels 1999 - Kaunertal Austria
June 3-6

This is the poster used to advertise and promote the event.  Schedule was printed on the back

Dave & John Rogers and I (middle) try out the old school way. I had a nice vacation with the Family Rogers in Germany, Italy & Switzerland a week before the event.

Part of our trip included a visit to the famous castle Neuschwanstein.

View from the tour of castle Neuschwanstein.

An aerial view of the course.  Just left and below the dam we start with the three hairpins (tighter than anything on GMR).

This was definitely a Red Bull event.  Quite a view huh?

My boards (all wood!) were usually ready before I was. The church bell woke us up each morning at 7 am.

Maybe not the greatest form in the world but good enough to quality 4th in the luge event.  Final finish was 9th out of 36.
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

Red Bull had a tent and provided food and drinks  for a small fee.

During one of my "Butt Board" practice runs I got completely out of control entering the "Carousel".  Just when I thought I saved it, Pete Eliot got to me from behind.  This was nothing compared to he impact of the 250lb German hitting me during the semi final race.
Photo courtesy of Kent Kochheiser

The view from the top (and everywhere else) was quite breathtaking.  This is Ding (from UK) and Darren.

John Rogers shows us why this race is called "Hot Heels".  Right down to the skin!  John won the Luge event with Olie coming in 4th (far right).

I was surprised when I made the semi's of the butt board race (called classic style at Hot Heels). Darren's board worked great.

Some colorful participants from Switzerland, America, Austria and the United Kingdom.

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