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1999 Ansted WV
October 17th (NSLA Race 5 - Final)
70 action pictures on WV Outside
Soon after you land in Charleston WV you are greeted with this wonderful view of the capitol building.

This is why the event is in late October every year.  273 people parachuted off this bridge the day before our race.  Only 8 broke their legs.

Classic expression from Michael as he sees the new Lott board.  "You want to race this where?"  It was allowed in the X Games qualifier as is.

The 90 degree turn at the end of the coarse drew the most spectators. Notice the 4 volunteer ambulances in the background.

Photo Curtousy of Marty Lamp
I was greeted with a collection of big name racers as I crossed the finish line during the 2 hour practice session. (Lott, Eliot, Coli, Mason, Pereyra, Fryer)

Team BodRodz was out in force with 5 boards on site.

The signing of Ugly Edna was a major event.  Beagle got a little carried away with Edna at the awards ceremony and had to be pulled away so as not to scare the kids.

Photo Curtousy of Marty Lamp
Side shot of me as I exit the 90 degree turn at the bottom of the 65 mph hill.

The folks in Ansted were very festive.  Crowds reached and estimated 1000+.

This shot represents the true international participation at this event with Gerhard (AUT) Ollie (AUT) and Jeremy (GRB).

Photo Curtousy of Marty Lamp
I was so tired at the end of this event (11 runs down the 1.2 mile hill) that I could not keep my shoulders up in turns like this.  Went right through my leathers and got a nice scrape on my back as a result.

The NSLA Championship was won by Travis (middle).  Waldo was 2nd (left) and Beagle came in 3rd (right).

As Darren and I left the state of WV we were able to stop by the famous gorge bridge.  It was quite breathtaking.

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