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IGSA Spring Nationals - Barrett Junction, CA

I was unable to get to the race until midday Sunday - Just in time for one practice run before qualifying. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The Rat Pack.

Thank god Marilyn was there to keep us animals in line.

Dave leads James, Shawn and Mac into turn one during the semifinals. Guess what happened?

Pam's buggin' out! (That's not just another pin).

Marcus is minding the shop as usual. He really is working hard this year. Be sure to thank him.

The final of the luge event is Dave, Shawn, John and Bob. In case you haven't been following along, Dave is undefeated here at Barrett - 4 races.

Ta da.

We had 9 riders for the butt board race.
Top Row L-R: D. Rogers, J Rogers, Kiggins, Ross, Ruhman, Johnson
Front Row L-R: Ozman, Moody, Peer

John gets a jump on Dave and Rob during the early rounds of the butt board race. Interesting styles!

Mark, Bob and Moody lead Scott out of the shadows during the 1st round.

Butt Board podium:
1st - Bob Ozman
2nd - Dave Rogers
3rd - John Rogers
4th - Pat Moody

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