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John (Hit Man) from Florida called for a FUN RUN in March of 2007.

Over 20 riders responded and Tiger Mountain 2007 was born.

Several stand-up riders chimed in and they were welcomed.

Hotels, transportation and support were all secured.

Joe & Dave ended up managing a rag tag group of very eager east coast riders (It's friggen cold up here you know!).

A relatively new group met and became instant friends and partners in speed, pain and required ridicule.

The roads were fun, fast and dangerous.

The riders were fun, fast and dangerous.

Can we do it again?

I can't believe I'm gonna start with a test of my ability to remember names & faces - but I am.... S=Stand Up, K=Skeleton, L=Streetluge   L -> R

Taylor(S) Dane(S) Dave(L) Tami(L) Joe(L) Rob(S) Chris(S) Shane(S) ?(K) Igloo(K) Rob(L) Chase(L) Neil(L) Joe(L) Me(L) Jeff(L) Clayton(L) Scott(L)

Missing with a migraine was Bill(L)

Our craziest hill - Devil's Branch. 1.6 miles of twisties. Very tiring. Tough to close (ask Bill!) and could only be run on Fri-Sat as that building at the finish (red dot) is a church. Most roads had a church. Makes Sunday riding a challenge.

The Dillard House. I wish had a picture of the breakfast spread they laid on us. You would not believe it unless I had photo to back it up.

Valley view South-West of Dillard. We had temps in the mid to upper 70's with not a cloud in site.

The start of a "Dam Road' run. We only got 3 of these in before Sheriff #1 appeared. Rob & Jeff filming up front.

Open roads are an experience to avoid if you can. Made most a little uneasy.

There really is a Tiger GA.

Having connected names with faces I went back and read all the posts about the formation of the Fun Run. Since I had only met a few of the riders it was a great help to piece it all together. If you met 1 or 2 new faces on the trip I'd recommend reading the posts again.

More of the Dam Road. Fast at 60 mph or so. Length about 1+ miles.


Our most secure (and hence often ridden) hill was N. Germany Mt. Rd. Why Google calls it Black Rock Rd, Hell Cat Creek Rd and Old Germany Rd I have no idea. I was there and read the sign: N. Germany Mt. Rd.

Oh yeah, Joe can speak Donkey and got the local mule to honk like an ass. Someone has it on video - It must be seen!

Saturday night we commandeered the breakfast room @ the Holiday Inn Express so we could check out some cool video. Stacy Allen was in Atlanta for Physical Therapy and she and Marcus came up to check out to goings on.

Jeff is in good spirits despite the mishap.

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