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Madison County Gravity Fest - Munnsville NY
July 26-27, 2008
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The 1st event under the Dr. No Racing banner was the 7th annual Madison County Gravity Fest in Munnsville NY.

As usual, the town of Munnsville provided tremendous support including course workers, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner both days), a band and camping accommodations. Unbelievable for this small community.

There were over 100 racers in 7 disciplines. I was not one of them :(

The rain came Saturday afternoon but all was good as Neil and Kim got all racing completed by 4PM Sunday.

Luge heat Saturday afternoon (I was helping out on the starting line until then).

Tim leads the 3 Bobs into turn 2.

Chris Hicks leading in turn two. Chris eventually finished 2nd.

The rain arrives. Leads to interesting techniques.

Fans stayed and watched as the rain worsened.

Yup. everyone was soaked after the rain.

Always pretty after the soaking.

Dr. No and I lead the Parade Lap to start the racing.

Roland and I helped Dr. No who gave us these cool shirts.


Day 2 (Sunday). After the finish of Street Luge, Buttboard heats begin.

The 3 Bobs 1st Buttboard race. Naturals.

Entrance to Crash corner. Laying down some rubber.

Practice and "Free riding" continued after every heat.

Just a few riders. There were 2 of these bad boys running up and down all weekend.

Busse in Crash Corner (not crashing!).

Buttboard final had Bob Bouchard beating Dean for the win.

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